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Yet Another Weibo Filter


Filter Sina Weibo by keywords, original, topic, source, etc.; modify layout; and other relative functions

For users who wants to make Weibo on home page ordered correctly: Do not forget to select the "Generate home page by groups" in "Weibo Filter" setting group after installation.

Installation Guide

Sorry, your current web browser is not supported. Please choose one of the following supported browsers.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox users need Violentmonkey extension to run this script.
If you have already installed this extension, click here to install this script, and confirm the script installation.
Opera users need Violent Monkey add-on to run this script.
If you have already installed this add-on, click here to install this script, and confirm the script installation.
Note: Opera 12 is not supported.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome users need Violent Monkey extension, or, Tampermonkey extension to run this script.
If you have already installed this extension, click here to install this script, and confirm the script installation.
The script never released any Chrome extension version. The script author have nothing to do with similar extensions in the Chrome Web Store or elsewhere. These extensions may be malicious behavior, please be careful.
The script does not support IE browser, Edge browser currently. Chromium and Chromium-based browsers' user may try to install this script by following the instruction for Chrome user; Firefox-based browsers' user may try the Firefox way. Script author may not be able to be compatible with all your browsers. The script may not fully work on your browser if the browser is too old, or the there are issues about your monkey extension. Feedback are always welcomed. But script author may not be able to fix your issues.
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Script Setting

After installation, click the funnel icon Y on the right top of page to config this script.

Click the funnel icon on right top of page to show script setting

For who want to set up this script without check each configuration items, you can checkout the sample config file and import it by click the Import button on Script tab.

There are also prepared rules for subscribe. Check out YAWF Subscribe Rules (Chinese) page for details.

Major Functions

  • Use searching page for home page, make Weibo on home page ordered by post time correctly;
  • Hide, fold, or, highlight feeds by content, author, source, etc. Define filter rules by dragging;
  • Filter out all kinds of Weibo, such as Ads, fans top, vote, liked by friends, red packs, iask medical; hide Spamming and charting;
  • Automatically load, filter, and, notify new feeds; Disable lazy loads on home page;
  • Clear all kinds of modules, icons, red dots; Remove Ads; Hot topics filter; Use square avatar;
  • Merge left and right column; Larger feeds, larger font size; Customize font family;
  • Remove spaces between feeds; Shorten distance of feeds control buttons, and reorder them;
  • Unfold Message in left column; Disable modules floating; Relocate side bar for all pages;
  • Hide, fold, or, highlight feeds by content, author, source, etc. Define filter rules by dragging;
  • View original images; Unfold shorten URLs; Clear default topics in publisher; Uncheck follow presenter in topic page;
  • No line break between author and feed content; Unfold lengthy feeds by character count; disable line breaks in feeds;
  • Set page template; customize semi-transparency background; Darken nav bar; Classical nav bar layout;
  • Normalize image size; move time and source to the bottom of feed;
  • Notification of script update; Show new features after import old setting backups;
  • Show locale time instead of CST in the page (for users not in UTC+8);

Most functions of the script are disabled by default, you may need to enable them in the script settings.

Useage Detail

Instead of adding filters of keywords, accounts, sources and links from the setting panel, you may drag and drop or use right-click menu to create filters.

Drag the contents you wish to hide, fold or highlight with your cursor, you can see there is a dropping area with yellow background at the top right corner, release your cursor in the dropping area and you may quickly create a filter by choosing the corresponding option from the pop-up dialogue box.

Drag texts or links to the box at right top

Right click on Weibo, and chose filter in the right-click menu.(Only supported in Firefox)

Context menu shown after right-click on Weibo Drop them to show Create Filter dialog

For users who used Weibo Content Filter, you may convert and import script setting from that script by using this Setting Convert Tool (Chinese).

For more details about the script using, please checkout FQA (Chinese).

Privacy Policy

Data Collection

The script do not collect any of your personal information, but during the using this script, your network activities may be recorded by your ISP or related websites.

Network Access

The network access of this script is limited in related interface of Sina Weibo. This script use network for access or transport the following datas:

  • Accounts information if you hide, show, or fold someone;
  • Video URL in MP4 format if you enabled replacing Flash player for weibo video by HTML5 player;
  • Users' home page if you need check if there is any weibo not shown on home page;
  • Whole content of lengthy weibo if you need auto unfold them;
  • Your following list if you need to check changes on it.

Local Storage

Your settings and related data are stored in browser profile without any encryption, which may include:

  • The account ID and name of hidden/folded/highlighted accounts, your account ID, ID of Weibo you hidden, and, other settings of the script.
  • If you enabled the function of desktop notification, this script will also store the ID of the 20 weibo recently shown.
  • If you enabled fast emoji selector, this script will also stored emoji you recently used and you selected.
  • If you enabled the function of checking if there are any weibo not shown on home page, this script will also stored Weibo ID you recently read, Weibo ID these accounts publish recently, and you have read which one.
  • If you enabled the function of auto unfold lengthy weibo, this script will store the whole content and length of such weibo you recently meet.
  • If you enabled the function of auto checking following list, this script will store your following list.

Anyone who use the same computer may access these data. So do not use this script with public computer.


The script do not publish any Weibo or information by using your account.

If you export settings, the exported file contains all your settings which may include some personal information. Please avoid to spread it to others.


Yet Another Weibo Filter (YAWF) is under the MIT License.
You may want to visit project homepage for more information.

Some codes of this script come from 眼不见心不烦 (Weibo Cleaner) script.